Menace Transport goes beyond traditional transportation, offering a personalized journey through the vibrant landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. We proudly connect you with our trusted friend and driver, Edy, whose decade-long expertise has been an integral part of our Bali experience.


Meet Edy, the Bali insider you've been searching for. For over a decade, Edy has been our trusted mate, skillfully navigating Bali's roads with the finesse of a true local.

In our years of Bali adventures, Edy has been more than a driver; he's been our steadfast companion on the road. From seamless airport pickups to epic surf trips, Edy's Toyota Avanza has been the reliable backbone of our Bali journeys.



Edy's airport transfer service guarantees a hassle-free beginning to your Bali journey. With a warm welcome, efficient luggage handling, and a swift ride to your destination.


Discover Bali effortlessly with Edy's car transfer service. From sightseeing to personalized tours, Edy ensures a smooth journey in a reliable vehicle. Relax, enjoy the scenery, and let Edy handle the driving for a stress-free island exploration.


Choose between a full-day charter or tour, crafting your adventure to match your preferences. Whether it's a day-long exploration or thrilling activities, Edy ensures your Bali experience is personalized and stress-free.


More than a journey, riding with Edy is an immersive introduction to authentic Bali. Edy isn't just a driver; he embodies honesty and reliability, caring deeply about making your Bali experience genuinely memorable.

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Edy is the man!!! Picked me up from airport and was able to help me get to the ferry terminal for a trip to the Nusa Pendia island. He then picked me up a couple of days after. Just so easy booking him for the half day as it allows you to not have to stress about jumping back and forth on different gojeks and taxis. Also was good to have aircon on the way back to hotel.

Hunter Jones
Friend of Dan / Jack

Over the last decade of frequenting Bali, Edy has evolved from a trusted driver to family. Helping us eliminate the most stressful aspects of Bali - the chaotic streets and language barriers of transportation.

Jack / Dan
Owners of Menace Company

The drive back from Uluwatu at 5 pm was a highlight in itself – I could relax, take in the scenery, and soak up the energy of Bali instead of clinging on for dear life on the back of a scooter - lol. Going 100% with Edy is the way to go if you want to relax and enjoy Bali without the stress of logistics and transport

Friend of Jack / Dan

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Embark on your Bali adventure with confidence when you choose Edy.

Your trust in Menace seamlessly extends to Edy, a cherished member of our Bali family. Edy, like us, values the respect and trust of our customers, ensuring that your experience matches the high standards you expect from Menace.