Secret Sumatra


Ever wanted to go on a holiday where it was nothing but barrels, beers and da Boyz?  Well Matt VDS had it all served to him on a tropical platter.

While most of us froze to death during the coldest week Perth has most likely experienced, Matt (Vander’s) VDS was looking out of hollow tubes at the surrounding tropical scenery that is Sumatra.  

For all those who have ever heard of ‘Secret Sumatra’ you would probably only know that it show cases some of the best variety of uncrowded waves in a tropical paradise.

We sat down with Matt to discuss why Sumatra was number one priority on his travels and why you should probably start booking your flights.


MATT: With the lack of swell in Perth I found myself touring out of the metro in search of waves. After a while you start wishing you could have constant swell at the front of your door step that isn’t crowded with every man and his dog.

That’s when me and good mate Dan Schyman decided to take a holiday/ultimate vacation, a place where the only plan each day was to chase waves regardless of wind direction and swell.

The destination, Sumatra.  A short flight from Jakarta (Indonesia’s Capital) is then accompanied by a 6-hour drive to paradise. ‘Secret Sumatra’ located amongst small fishing villages and rural farm land is the site of your accommodation, which houses your own private villas complete with all the western necessities you need.



So let’s show you a typical 24 hours of Matt’s 12 day holiday.


  • 4:30 AM | Wake up and load up. A few hits of caffeine and banana bread before packing the cars and splitting up into groups based on preference of break (stand up or boog)


  • 5:00 | Driving to which ever preferred break can roughly take between 15 – 60mins. During that time you soak in the rural farm land of this tropical island and acknowledge friendly locals passing by. 


  • 6:00 | Rock up to clean uncrowded offshores.


  • 6:01 | Hit the water! Warm tropical waters with a never ending supply of pits. “Just watch for the sea urchins lurking amongst the coral”.


  • 9:00 | After 3 hours of waves, it’s time to hit the shore for a post surf Garum and head back to camp for a much-needed refill.


  • 10:00 | Breakfast is served. A selection of freshly made omelettes, pancakes, jaffles and fruit were on offer. Demolish and have the option of surfing a mellow wave at your door step, or relax by the infinity pool to a few cold ones. A mid-morning B-tang never hurt anyone. 


  • 12:00 | After talking shit to ya mates about how shacked you got, it’s time for lunch. Enjoy a classic mix of Indonesian favourites, every day being something new.


  • 13:00 | Expedition begins. Pending on the current weather, you once again set out to explore another 3 hours of endless waves. Maybe 2 if you had too much to eat beforehand.


  • 16:30 | Arrive back to camp once again after another solid session. Now the real session begins.


  • 17:00 | HAPPY HOUR (5 – 7) A few icy Mojitos while relaxing in your new tropical home. This is what dreams are made of.


  • 19:00 | Dinner is whipped up, another surprising meal large enough for the biggest of belly’s. A personal favourite being the burritos.


  • 20:00 | After dinner banter and prize awards. Barrel of the day and Kook of the day, which one did I get? Yep you guessed it and there’s no better reward than a mandatory funnel which may or may not include tequila.


  • 21:30 | Banter with the whole crew which is really what makes the accommodation so great. The vibe is always up and stoke levels at a consistent high.


  • 22:00 | Maybe a game of Kelly’s pool with the crew before bed or depending on the vibe, maybe a few more beers and whip out the decks??


  • 22:30 | Time to hit the sack. Plenty of energy is required if you’re going to keep this up for 11 more days.


  • 00:00 | Wake up for a piss then back to bed


  • 4: 30 AM | Time to start it all again!



Overall, Sumatra delivered on so many levels. , From a range of surf locations you just can’t find anywhere else to first class accommodation.  When you’re with mates it’s always good, but these are the kind of holidays where you make new friends… all like-minded people searching for the same thrill.

This is secret Sumatra.  


Huge thanks to

Nathan Spencer

Riko Knoxy

Aaron Hatchman

Sean Price

And surf guides Dean and Charlie. 


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